You know you're a '90s kid when...

  • You love Ring Pops
  • You're beginning to worry about your parents
  • You remember Skydancers
  • You feel the keen edge of the passage of time
  • You had an Easy Bake Oven
  • You're not sure your life is where you imagined it would be
  • Your starter Pokemon was Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle
  • You obsess so much over nostalgia based largely on self-constructed fictions that you can never fully appreciate your current state
  • You love Lisa Frank
  • You feel yourself rapidly losing relevance as the younger generation makes waves with more resources and opportunities formed through the connection of technology and social media that were just beginning when you were their age
  • You had a Tamagotchi
  • You feel constantly off-balance when you remember being born into a pre-internet world, and you're not sure how to garner meaning away from your iPhone
  • You had one of the Spice Girl Barbies
  • You went to college because it was expected of you but you feel an emptiness when you think of your surface level education and the debt it left you in
  • You still remember your AIM screenname
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