Would You Eat a Celebrity's Leftovers?


Megan Cline worked as a server at one of Chicago’s poshest restaurants--and devoured celebrity leftovers in the dish pit.

When we ran into each other at a party, she told me about eating David Schwimmer’s scrambled eggs, and I pulled out my recorder. We were both drunk when this interview occurred.

What specifically of David Schwimmer’s did you eat?

My last time waiting on him, I ate his plate full of scrambled eggs garnished with chives.

Do you think some of his saliva was on them?

No. I mean, one of the appeals of eating celebrity food is that they order so much that you feel like it’s safe. Sometimes you think something as harmless as french fries is great, and then a really strict server will come into the dish pit as you’re shoveling it into your mouth and be like, “Someone could have picked their nose and eaten those.” So then you pour the top out and eat the bottom of the fries. I have no shame and I’m always hungry.

If you’re not eating off of rich people’s plates when you work somewhere like that, you’re missing a real opportunity.

Absolutely! I mean, when else am I going to go out and have that meal? Never. It’s such a waste. Maybe it’s the serving lifestyle that made me never have proper meal schedules. I’d wake up and never have a meal before work, because I knew in my head, “Someone’s not going to eat this.”

So David Schwimmer. Who else?

Some NBA players I can’t remember. They came in all the time and they always ordered so much food. The very first time, they ordered like two platters of food, which would serve multiple people.

And I know you’ve talked about Harry Styles.

That was  my very first celebrity experience—the members of One Direction. When they first came in, I got so flustered. My manager knew that I was excited, so he was like, “Megan, you need to go drop this off at their table.”

The very first time they came in, it was all of them. And then, for some reason, they decided it’d be better as a band to split up and each stay in separate hotels.

Luckily we got Harry Styles. He was such a charmer. He really didn’t want to be in the public eye and would hide out. Sometimes he would order pizza for the staff, which was really great.

He’s such a nice boy!

He was who started me eating celebrity food. Harry Styles ordered a very large meal—I was starving—and I kept walking by and being like, “He’s not touching that buratta and heirloom tomato salad.” And it’s fucking bomb. I want to eat that.

Plus, Harry—I know that’s someone who’s trustworthy! He’s not eating it. He doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to, because he has all this money. Why touch his tomato salad if he just wants the steak and corn? So I was eyeing that table like a hawk making sure no busser would swoop in and take that tray before I did. Because I wanted to eat it. I wanted to eat Harry Styles’ salad. I needed to eat this salad. It’s Harry Styles’ salad. That gives me some level of connection with him.

You’re so celebrity.

I’m so Hollywood! So as soon as I realized he wasn’t going to eat it, I swooped in. And I sweetly asked, “You don’t wanna eat that right now? You want me to box that up?” And he was like, “No I’m good.” So I was like “OKAYGREATTHANKS.” Snatched it away, went to the dish pit and shoveled it in.

Do you think celebrity-rejected food is better than food in your everyday life?


Anyone else?

I ate Chance the Rapper’s cookies. They were fucking amazing.

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