Who Will Replace Her?

I've been using the same flash drive for years: a bulbous Hello Kitty plastic piece that shows up as "LIL BUDDY" when you plug it in. Lil Buddy is so old that she holds my senior writing portfolio that I turned in to Dr. Ron in 2013, as well as my first attempt at a book post-college. As you can tell, Lil Buddy lives to embarrass me. Girl, stop!

Anyway, I'm feeling paranoid about all of the shit I have saved to my Google Drive and the Notes app on my phone AND my email drafts, so I'm in the market for something new that I can back it all up to without the worry of it just dying

I tend to go for something more obnoxious-looking so I don't set it down and forget it. I enjoy cute things. I love the color pink, but I am not bound to it.

So, on Monday, I started the search. The hours were grueling, and at times I started to question myself: surely these flash drives are not real? Surely they are a prank on me curated by Amazon Dot Com? This story does have a happy ending, but first: the contenders.

Oh, perfect. My favorite Star Wars character: Villain! He works for Bad Guy. Hates (?) Good Girl. Kills his Bad Dad. Has a Redhead Friend and a Cool Mom.


Further investigation reveals his name is DJ Owl. Do you think he knows Calvin Harris?

Nurse Women Hospital Robot

It's hard to say exactly what I love about Nurse Women Hospital Robot, so let me quote the product page:

  • Novelty Nurse Women Hospital Robot model design. Good looking.
  • Good gift idea. It will be a big surprise to them.
  • Easy and fast for data storage, data back-up and transfer of computer files.

Inside Out Disgust 

I saw Inside Out, but I don't remember her?

Pink? Check. Cute? Check. Added to my cart? Check!!!!

When I look into this piggy pink pig's vacant eyes and fat face, I feel like I'm looking into a mirror. That's a face I can trust.

I have found my new friend: LIL SWEETY.

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