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I don't really think I'm goth, but I would say that I want to be. It was on r/goth that I learned goth is an actual genre of music (spooky synth with spooky lyrics, 10/10) and that there's a lot of infighting surrounding goth subcultures and their validity (huh!!). I'm subscribed to goth girl YouTube channels like Toxic Tears and Dre Ronayne, but r/goth gives a certain insight into the non-rehearsed feelings of my goth cousins that's weirdly wholesome. New goths are called babybats, which is actually what I want you to call me from now on.


I'm not done reading Harry Potter fan theories, and there's no reason you should be, either. I would say the only downside to this subreddit is that people are so dedicated to the house they think they'd be in at Hogwarts that I sometimes get secondhand embarrassment goosebumps.


Have you ever read an Adam Ellis comic and thought, "Jesus fucking Christ hasn't that ghost killed him yet and wow this isn't funny"? It's not just you!!! Comedy Necromancy takes bad comics and attempts to make them funnier with some editing. Sometimes it works for me. Sometimes it doesn't. It's sister r/comedycemetery is where those """jokes""" are risen from, but it takes a strong stomach to make it through some of the more devoid-of-humor ones. 


Although someone once described a song on St. Vincent's new album as "late-capitalist," I can easily forgive this transgression because r/indieheads gives me so many great music suggestions like Kero Kero Bonito, Portishead and Crywank to add to my Apple library, listen to once, and then never revisit. (It's not them, it's me.)


From people asking advice on coming out as trans to guys asking why their girlfriend is being so fucking awkward, r/relationships is a catchall of people who just need an outsider's opinion on the shit going on in their lives. It was the first Reddit board I ever read before having an account, and it's fkn great. This morning I read a (since deleted) post about a girl who made a Game of Thrones joke about bending the knee to her brother that her boyfriend thought was serious, which was a really good way to start my day. Also, I posted on here once, and only one (!) person told me I needed to grow up.


This sub is good, but...


...This sub is better.


Show me your spooky-cute crafts, your lawn decorations, your pumpkin carvings, your 31-day horror movie schedule, your ghost tattoos, your gory makeup testing, your top ten Halloween special lists, your witch paintings, your spooky cupcakes, your fkn Halloween work party costume. I want them all!!!! What's that? Halloween's over, you say? Halloween's never over, you fucking milquetoast Christmas-loving bitch!


Following my obsession with watching people getting pierced on YouTube, I subscribed to r/piercing. Did you know a rhino piercing was a thing? Can you guess how many clitoral hood piercings I've seen? Although I came for the piercings, I stayed for the weirdly glamorous and edited selfies people post when they ask, "Do you think I'd look good with a nose piercing?" I am also a big fan of piercing horror stories, which keep me grounded.


It feels jarring to go on a board and find so many people that remind you of so many of your college classmates. r/iamverysmart is a board to make fun of people (without names or pictures) who brag about how smart they are in very petty and hard to believe ways. There is a staggering amount of people who will be arguing about, like, self tanner, and then resort to saying "UHM I have an IQ of 160, so I think I would know over you."

I just took a quick 10-question IQ test, and I got a 125, which is considered "above average." Mensa, hello? You rang???


Sitting here and writing this now, I can tell you I have a huge pimple on my chin which is probably from eating six mini Snickers yesterday, but I want you to know I am a woman with duality. Yes, I might cause my own breakouts due to poor diet and face picking, but I also use both face cream and eye cream, as well as a night cream, toner, and a Vitamin C serum that looks a lot like someone blew a load on my face (text me & I'll send u a pic). 

Also, maybe sometimes seeing people success stories makes me cry. I'm so happy for you, bb!!

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