These are the best dress-up games on Doll Divine

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I was made for Doll Divine, or maybe vice versa. From a very young age, I played with paper dolls, which are basically just the physical version of flash dress-up games. Then there were those cringe 2000s dollmakers where every character was modeled after Britney Spears and putting on one piece of clothing took up to five minutes of clicking and scrolling and accidentally dropping and losing behind the row of jeans and then finally finding and making it onto the little pixelated body, only to change your mind on the color of the peasant top. 

And then... came Doll Divine. Dolls From God.

From Huldrefolk to Romper Squad, Doll Divine brings you the premiere dress-up games for all your time-wasting needs. Sure, I pretend like I need help forming characters for my writing, but the truth is, I make so many dolls and save about 1% of them for reference.

As such, I have amassed a knowledge of flash dress-up games, and I would like to share that with you, dear reader. Here are some of my favorite dollmakers to fluff you before you spend two hours on this shit. Enjoy!!

I made Megan Kirby

The Fly Squad

Game & Art by: Sara Kuan 

Best Line in the Description: "Fulfill your #squadgoals by getting everyone ready to rock it."

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It feels like so many of the Doll Divine dress-up games only have waifish young women as the avatars, so starting the list is a game that's inclusive with body types. Every girl you make on here can have shitty tattoos and thick eyebrows à la the Instagram trends of current day. Also included are things that have never been in style, such as the coats from My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade, only tiny. For personal reasons, however, this is a plus for me.

For my Megan Kirby avatar (pictured above), I chose a beach scene, a Liz Claiborne-esque windbreaker, what could be a Coach satchel, and a horse. As far as #squadgoals go, I feel they were sufficiently met.

Dragon Rider.jpg

Dragon Rider

Game by: InkScribble 

Best Line in the Description: "The rider has a fantastical selection of clothes ranging from steampunk to Eurasian mountain cultures."

A selection of dragon bodies available.

A selection of dragon bodies available.

Ever want to make a dragon, but you're not really sure what dragons look like? Approximate knowledge of dragons is what makes this dress-up game a blast. You can make your dragon any color, give it stripes, make it gigantic, or make it itty bitty! 

You get to make a dragon, so any rider you decide to make is secondary. Everything looks a little Russian-folklore-y, but then you can also add random pieces of armor that would not protect you very well if you were in a dragon fight, much like Daenerys Targaryen. But if you die, at least you die cool.

Regency Hero.png

Regency Hero

Game by: savivi

Best Line in the Description: "Create a handsome drink of water for your romance novel, or create a fashionable dandy."

For people who want to fuck stiff men with no humor (don’t we all), Regency Hero is for you. Choose from so many different eyebrows slightly raised in bemusement at how a silly little girl like you is managing to charm him. You're not like the other girls he's been introduced to as a wealthy bachelor. You're witty. You read books.

Everything looks a bit vague and drab, like the shadow people in the backgrounds and the detail-lacking clothes. Also, this is drag and drop instead of just a click-and-it's-on-there deal, and like, who has the time? I can only move so many underclothes before I get bored!!

Anyway, I did remove all of his clothes to see what we're working with, and my findings are shocking.






Waivera Scene Maker

By xSheepi

Best Line in the Description: [Note: I can't choose so here's everything about the world Waivera as told by its creator.] Set x-number of years into the future after a devastating flood hits earth, all sorts of bio-engineered sea creatures own the sea. Regular humans live in tall, skyscraper-like cities which tower over the ocean, while mutated people adapt to the underwater experience, and have to rough-it somewhat more. Tension exists among the caste layers. Millions of years worth of evolution, but only a few centuries of adapting to it... accepting it. The landscape is dynamic and freakish.. ever-changing. High-tech, sci-fi contraptions mix with the decrepit remains of humanity beneath the ocean... the seas filled with genetically engineered sea creatures. 


Nearly every day when I'm on my phone in bed in those minutes where I'm awake but don't have the energy to pee yet, I watch the Snapchat "news" "stories." And nearly every day, someone, for some reason, is showing Bella Thorne.

Who is Bella Thorne? What does she do? Why does she wear two different colors of fishnets on her body? Is she from Waivera

Waivera probably has the best art and the best backgrounds, but the concept is so bizarre. Bio-engineered sea creatures force humans into towers where there are caste systems but everyone dyes their hair bright colors? I'm honestly so ready for the Waivera dystopian YA novel starring Bella Thorne.

M A K E  I T  H A P P E N.

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