MK: Okay, who is Paris Hilton and why is she famous?

[20 minutes of in-depth discussion on Paris Hilton’s background, history, and Snapchat presence that we have deleted because Paris Hilton is truly awful.]

MH: Should you follow Paris Hilton?

MK: Maybe no because Snapchat is dead. Snapchat is over.

MH: It peaked and it’s done. Do you still use Snapchat in your personal life?

MK: I still Snap people and post to my story probably every day. Did I post today? I didn’t.

MH: I never post to my story. I think the thing about Snapchat is, as a medium for celebrity life, it has faded away.

MK: There was that brief bubble of all the celebrities on Snapchat, and it was very fun. I think we probably jumped on to writing about it, not at the start of that bubble, but maybe towards the middle. And now it’s ending. I don’t keep up with celebrities the way I used to—even when I go and check Kylie’s Snapchat, it’s just an ad for her lip kits. It’s like, ‘Oh, I just clicked through a commercial.’

MH: I think the novelty of it wore off for most celebrities. And now it’s become a place to just hawk shit. It’s not fun to watch.

MK: I remember the first teaser tagline for Snapback was, “The celebs are Snapping, and so are we.” And now it’s like, “The celebs aren’t snapping, and neither are we.” What was your favorite celebrity Snapchat that we reviewed?

MH: Who did we review?

MK: We reviewed Kylie, the JoBros.

MH: Kevin Jonas snapped recently.

MK: What! I missed it! Was it a baby?

MH: It was like his face…. Kylie is my favorite, regardless.

MK: Weirdly, I think the most fun to research and write was Spencer Pratt.

MH: But I have to say, it was one of the most tedious Snapchats ever.

MK: I know, I asked you on GChat today if we should just review Spencer’s Snapchat once a month.  People would like it. He is becoming a real hero. We could call it Pratfall.

MH: It’s too much. Not every night, but most nights, I breeze through people’s stories. His is still so extensive. I wonder what the Pratts will do when Heidi has her baby. Will they live snap the birth? They won’t put the baby on Snapchat if they can sell pictures of it.

MK: So yeah, Snapback is done. We’re not going to call it a hiatus. It’s just done. Now it’s all about Instagram stories, and I’m sorry but I just can’t do it. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t right now. Maybe later.  

MH: I’ve never delved into that territory. Should I? I don’t care.

MK: Instaback doesn’t have the same ring to it.

MH: But we do have something up our sleeves.

MK: We’re planning something, and it’s going to be cool and funny and I don’t even have a firm enough grasp on it yet to describe it.

MH: But it’s right up our alley. And for this project, we won’t have to rely on others.

MK: Aww, I loved Snapback. But we’ll be back soon with something new. And who knows what will happen… To Snapchat, to us in this world. We’re probably going to be dead soon.

MH: And then no one will be Snapchatting.