On Kim Kardashian West & Labor

"Someone told me once that he didn't think Kim Kardashian West did actual work because she doesn't do honest manual labor. My dad is a programmer analyst, my mom has worked in higher education & office management, my sister is a medical office manager, my other sister works in film production, my husband works in data, and I edit and write and make art and teach, and we all know how taxing service labor can be. But none of us endures the public scrutiny or keeps the insane professional and engagement schedules that Kim Kardashian West does. She has a best-selling mobile game, a well-loved emoji app, a reality show with what can only be called and invasive filming schedule, an online shoe store, a retail store with two locations, a makeup line, and endorsements, modeling gigs, and cameos in film. The organizational sense, business acumen, and cultural insight it takes to be Kim Kardashian West is well beyond my ability to grasp—help and employees or not—and frankly I'm just happy to see a woman entrepreneur not only so publicly succeeding, but also so publicly brushing off asinine criticism."


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