Lena Dunham is Terror Jr

Everyone thinks Kylie is the lead singer of Terror Jr. But it's really Lena Dunham.

Beginning July 2, 2017, seemingly out of nowhere, Lena suddenly started going hard for the residents of Bop City. Suspicious.

Terror Jr’s June 2017 release, Bop City 2: TerroRising, has a song called “Dead Girl Walking.” Is this a reference to Lena’s hit HBO show Girls being “dead,” and also how the lead character Hannah Horvath goes on a long walk in that episode? I have not listened to the song yet, so I don’t know.

Lena began flaunting multicolored wigs on her social media. Terror Jr’s mystery lead singer, Lisa Terror, wears a pink wig in promo images. COINCIDENCE?

Lena is in a committed partnership with pop mastermind Jack Antonoff. Sure, there are no results when you google Jack + Antonoff + Terror + Jr but the point is, Lena has a clear entry to the world of heavily produced pop music.

Lena wants to interview Lisa Terror for her newsletter, Lenny Letter. But we all know Lena mostly just wants to write about herself. It’s the perfect reveal: a personal essay on how the only REAL modern feminist choice is to shroud yourself in mystery and helm a futuristic pop group.

Terror Jr has fully commandeered the grape emoji. The name of the alternative student newspaper Lena wrote for at Oberlin College? The Grape.

Look at these Terror Jr song titles: Little White Bars, Sugar, Come First, Heartbreak, Say So. Notice anything? Here, let me bold it for you: [L]ittle White Bars, Sug[a]r, Co[m]e First, Heart[b]reak, Sa[y] So. what do those letters spell? LAMBY.

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