@JanSport Please Sponsor This Blog

The first and most important thing you should know about me is that I am very brand loyal to JanSport. If you are looking for a backpack, JanSport is the way to go.

JanSport backpacks are great because:

  • Good zippers! You can hold the whole bag up by the zipper as you scramble for your wallet while the Starbucks line swells behind you, and the zipper will support the entire weight of everything in your bag and not break.

  • Pockets in the right places, which is: in the front. A backpack should have two pockets in the front, MAX. Maybe a place to store a water bottle on the side, but that’s not necessary. Anything else is overkill.

  • Big enough for a laptop! If your backpack can't hold your laptop, you've made a bad decision!

  • Classic style, baby! A backpack that makes you say, “Huh, a backpack,” and nothing more.


Right now, I have a black leather-bottom JanSport. It holds my things and never stops anyone in their tracks. It’s perfect. I used to have a Tammie Brown patch on the front, but this sludgy hellscape of a city turned it brown, so now I have a Harry and the Potters patch. This backpack outlasted a patch! In college I had a neon color-block JanSport that was really formative to ~my look~ in the years to come. In high school, I had a brown corduroy JanSport that I used for four years until the bottom ripped out and I truly miss it every day.

ANYWAY those are the big reasons I support JanSport. So why should JanSport support this dumb, horrible blog, and therefore, support me?

FIRST OFF, every time someone says they are “looking for a backpack” I say, “You should get a JanSport.” I say this so much that people have stopped telling me that they are looking for backpacks. TRENDY BACKPACKS ARE A SCAM.

SECOND OFF, my JanSport plays an active part of my ~blogger life~ in that it holds all my tools, which are: 1) a bunch of pens I took from my office 2) like 15 half-full notebooks 3) my laptop 4) 1,500 bobby pins I can use to hold my hair back when I really need to focus on a blog post 5) tampons 6) half a Ritter Sport bar (the one with corn flakes in it).

THIRD OFF, Burn Your Faves gets DOZENS and sometimes even A HUNDRED hits a week, not counting our two accidental SEO-optimized viral successes. And yes, a lot of those hits are my dad, but I think that partnering with us would give JanSport the sort of unexpected underground cred they need to compete with fucking Fjalraven and whoever the fuck else is coming up the pipeline.

Fuck those backpacks. Get a JanSport. (JanSport, if you go for my partnership pitch, this will be our new BYF tagline.)

If JanSport sponsors Burn Your Faves, I promise we will always refer to ourselves as “Burn Your Faves sponsored by JanSport.” My partnership demands are simple: I want a brown corduroy backpack.

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