It's Bad


Listen, I was excited for this new TS single. After Taylor's recent trial win, I was like, "Fuck me uuuuup." Shutting down that lecher and his lawyer was so fucking satisfying and showed tremendous maturity. That, plus her recent disinterest in the public eye. I thought, oh! Taylor! She's finally learning! She's doing it! 

And then she released that song. What's the name of that song? I've already forgotten. Shake It... On? 

Oh, yes. "Look What You Made Me Do." I say the same thing to my cats when they run out in front of me so quickly that I stub my toe trying to stop myself before I accidentally kick them. Jack! Millie! Look what you made me do! Imagine if I yelled this at them a year and a half later. Would it be effective in proving my point? (In this scenario, Kanye West is my 15-pound, Very Soft cat; Kim Kardashian is my kitten with one eye.)

"Look What You Made Me Do" is, like, Taylor Swift swearing vengeance against Kim K and Kanye (like 16 months later) for getting caught in their web of lies. I guess that means she's still maintaining innocence while using the imagery of a snake in her marketing campaign as a way to... Reclaim it as a symbol, I guess? Uhm? I need an English professor over here!!

I have a really hard time finding anything good about this song, which is especially disappointing because I live for 1989. But Taylor sounds like a fifteen-year-old anarchist kid in a Guy Fawkes mask with lyrics like, "The role you made me play / Of the fool, no, I don't like you / I don't like your perfect crime / How you laugh when you lie / Remember, remember / The fifth of November."

And like a high school kid, now she's talking about, ugh, "drama" and how she's above it because of "karma" (rhyming, therefore true). A rule as old as time says that if you say you're over the drama, you're not. I do the same thing all the time. "I'm just pretty lowkey!" But I'm not. I'm extra and I live for hot gossip!!!

Is she a little bit playing with how people perceive her? Maybe. Taylor sings, "I don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me / I'll be the actress starring in your bad dreams," which reminds me of the curse-y witch vibes of "Blank Space." Like, maybe she's exaggerating and she isn't really this corny? Maybe?

"'I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now.' / 'Why?' / 'Oh, 'cause she's dead!' (ohh!)"


According to Twitter (I will NOT fact check this), Taylor apparently credited the "I'm too sexy" guys, which is a song that easily gets stuck in your head. You can hear it in the refrain, which I refuse to listen to a second time as I write this because it's still rattling around my brain and I can't keep living like this. Maybe that's her cruelty and her punishment: if you're a hater like me, it doesn't matter, because you'll still listen to the song and it'll stay in your head forever, an affirmation of her dark power. She is eternal, she lives on forever in all of our minds, she has made each of us into a horcrux. Look what you made her do.

Anyway, can't wait for the album. November 10th! That's pretty soon! I bet there will be some good jams on there. See Megan's counterpoint of why she loves this dumb song in "It's Good."

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