Is Gerard Way My Long-Lost Brother?

Since I bleached my hair on January 1, 2017 (new year, new me), I have been likened to MCR frontman and comics writer Gerard Way. In truth, we do look really similar. I mean, sort of. Although I am an overweight woman and Gerard is a slender man, we share certain obvious characteristics.

Do Gerard and I share the same mom? Perhaps the same dad? Is Mikey Way also my brother? I think yes. To all.


Dyed Hair

I'm starting off weak here, because I don't want to stun you too much. Yes, it's true: Gerard and I have both dyed our hair a lot. Although I'm currently in Welcome-to-the-Black-Parade era, Gerard has taken my look from when I lived in Chicago. That is to say, I am currently blonde with short hair, while he has a black, shaggy crop.


Here's a compelling argument for nature vs nurture: Which one is true? Gerard and I both like comic books (I mean, eh, I haven't read one in a while but they're good), My Chemical Romance and Hesitant Alien (I would assume), and coffee. Gerard takes his with some cream, but I drink mine black. Here's the thing, though: my mom and dad use cream, too. Coincidence??

Vaguely Similar Faces

Eyes a little small but rather stunning? Check. Wide cheekbones? Check. That's two things!

Siblings Aren't Exactly Alike

Take me and my sister. (Or should I say, our sister?) While Steph is a beautiful, mermaid-esque stunner, I am honestly like a stylish troll. But we have similar faces, if you squint. And our voices are pretty much the same: sometimes low, sometimes high, always exuding a baseline of annoyance. Siblings aren't clones, man!! But they're similar.

People Get Megan and I Confused a Lot, and This Picture Looks Exactly Like Megan as a Child

Taken from Gerard's Instagram. Honestly, this looks like the same child twice. As a kid, I was really tan and skinny, so I'm not including those pictures because I don't want to weaken my argument.

Megan and I used to work at the same place, and people would always think we were the same person. Megan got, "I thought you cut your hair really short?" and I would get "Isn't your hair blue?" Think about if Gerard and Megan and I all worked together!! Now that's a pilot Netflix should pick up.


Gerard Way is my brother.

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