Imagine you're as into Supernatural as I am

I love Supernatural. I wouldn't say that it's, like, a really good show, but I do have a really fun time watching sad, hunky boys kill demons and ghosts. One of my favorite parts of Supernatural is the fandom that surrounds it, which is more or less straight, horny women who want to fuck Sam, Dean, and Castiel, and have them fuck each other. Yes, Sam and Dean are brothers. Do you have a point??

As part of their thirst for the Supernatural zaddies, the fandom has an unending supply of Imagines. Found in plenty on tumblr and, weirdly, Pinterest, Imagines are basically just lists of daydreams, like, "Imagine Sam is jealous that you're hanging out with Dean" followed by a GIF. It's like fanfic, but it's brief and interactive where you, the reader, gets to think about what it would be like if you were a part of the Supernatural universe.

Okay, do you get it now? The Supernatural boys are all hot hot hot, and we want to fuck them! Sometimes, also, you're their little sister or someone's kid. Protect me, daddy!!

Close your eyes. Smell the leather seats of the Impala and Sam and Dean's probable BO. Pretend you're a hunter, fresh from killing a nest of vampires. Breath deep. You with me? Let's ~*imagine*~

Imagine you ask Sam Winchester four different questions to which the answer is no.

Imagine you're with Dean Winchester, and you pass a deer in the Impala, but you didn't see it because you were texting.

Imagine playing Monopoly with the Winchesters, but then it gets really late and you're all pretty sleepy.

Imagine that you invite Castiel over, but then when you open the door to let him in, your cat gets out.

Imagine Castiel makes a really charitable monthly payment to Dean's Patreon to receive bonus content, but Dean gets lazy and doesn't deliver.

Imagine you're in line to order Mexican food, and you tell Dean you want a fish taco, but he can't really hear you so he repeats it back to you, and you're like, "Yeah, a fish taco."

Imagine not knowing what anime is and then Dean, a weeaboo, suggests you watch Yu Yu Hakusho together.

Imagine making popcorn for a movie night, and Dean tries to add 30 more seconds on even though there are more than two full seconds in between pops.

Imagine telling Team Freewill that they're the Rolaskatox of Supernatural.

Imagine showing Sam Winchester all of of your old MySpace photos and explaining the captions of each one to him...

And imagine refusing to stop until you're well into 2007.

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