Halloween Cereal Reviews: An Anthology

The best part about fall is Halloween. But the OTHER best part about fall is seasonal cereal! I've eaten all of them, so you don't have to. Here are my thoughts.

Maple Pecan Clusters


Is this even exclusive to the Fall?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Whatever, its great. The clusters are super crunchy! The cereal itself is like corn flakes but a bit sweeter. The maple flavor is very subtle but works great as a complement to the clusters and the pecan.

The box art is a nice shade of brown and I appreciate the maple leaf, but it could be much more interesting. Overall a solid choice, if it is year round this could be a great way to inject fall flavors into the other seasons!


Special K: Apple Cinnamon Crunch


This cereal consists of very crunchy rice flakes with apple cinnamon flavored clusters throughout. The cereal had a very nice texture! Pleasantly crunchy flakes with the occasional softer bite of clusters. The apple flavor was very subtle and the cinnamon nearly non existent.

While a good cereal in general, it needs a much stronger apple flavor to truly pass as a Fall Flavor. As it is, this cereal was essentially just a very crunchy take on corn flakes… or rice flakes ~whatever~. Worth trying but not nearly as good as the alternatives that hit the shelves this time of year.


Pumpkin Spice Cheerios


As a big fan of the honey nut variety, I came into this cereal expecting a lot. While it mostly delivers, I'm not sure that I'm tasting quite as much pumpkin flavor as I'd like! It's definitely there, but the spices come through more readily than the pumpkin. What we end up with is a nice variation on the standard Cheerios cereal, with notable hints of cinnamon and very subtle pumpkin.

The orange coloring is a very nice touch, as is the rustic box art complete with a pumpkin and bundle of cinnamon. It's definitely worth a shot for any pumpkin spice fans! As an added bonus, the strong cinnamon flavoring makes the leftover milk delicious.


Pumpkin Spice Frosted Mini Wheats


Look: Frosted Mini Wheats are dumb. Like, either be a sugary breakfast cereal or be a boring whole wheat garbage one! You're not fooling anyone on either side of the line here, and frankly I'm surprised this cereal still exists. The commercials are garbage, too.

Whatever. The cinnamon comes through very strongly and the mix of sweet frosting and crunchy wheat is surprisingly nice and I hate that I like this cereal. So, like, it's great but I still hate it.


Captain Crunch's Halloween Crunch


You already know if you like captain crunch. But here's the important part:


Ghosts turn milk green.

Ghosts turn milk green?


Ghosts turn milk green.

510nm/700nm [Editor’s Note: This is allegedly a joke about science.]

Trader Joe's Pumpkin O's


It's like the Cheerios, but actually has a stronger pumpkin flavor! This one is better. Get this one instead of the Cheerios if you have a Trader Joe's near you. My only real concern here is the picture. If you are putting banana and strawberry slices on top of your PUMPKIN cereal, then you need to stop. That is not okay.


Life: Pumpkin Spice


If you are reading this, you probably like pumpkin spice. If you like pumpkin spice, you need to get this cereal as soon as possible! This is what fall tastes like. I'm not sure I've had any other flavor of Life cereal before, to be quite honest, but I know I never will. The pumpkin flavor and the spices both come through in equal, strong amounts. The general shape and texture of the cereal pieces absorbs just the right amount of milk without getting too soggy. And the cinnamon infused milk left behind is the finest drink on this earth. Is this the best cereal I've ever had? Yes.

When I introduced my sister to Life: Pumpkin Spice, she said, "The two greatest gifts I've ever received are the gift of life, from mom, and the gift of Life: Pumpkin Spice, from you."


Count Chocula


I love Count Chocula. I love it so much and wish it were available year round! For anyone who has never had it before, it is pretty close to chocolate Lucky Charms, but the marshmallows are spooky shapes. If this doesn't make you say "Oh, this is clearly the best thing!" then you are wrong. The cereal itself is fairly basic - if you like chocolate and you like sugar, you will like this cereal.

What really sells it is the mascot. Seeing the Gothic horror of Dracula neutered with rounded teeth, a chocolate colored wardrobe, and an endless thirst for breakfast cereal rather than blood is the exact type of spooky-cute that I've modeled my entire aesthetic after. Vampires go through phases in pop culture, often bouncing between the extremes of super-scary and sparkly-sexy. Count ignores both tropes and stands out as a lovable colorful vampire who doesn't want to suck your blood, he just wants to hang out and eat cereal with you. Is there anything else we could ask for this Halloween season?


Boo Berry


This is Count Chocula's blueberry flavored friend. The cereal itself is not exactly blueberry flavored, it's more like "blueberry" flavored. And while this might sound unappetizing, I can assure you that the flavor is top notch! It's not exactly comparable to other cereals, but has sort of an artificial "mixed-berry" vibe. Flavor wise this is my favorite of the General Mills Monster Cereals, and the shade of blue it turns your milk is a delight.

Boo berry himself is a little lackluster design wise. The simplest of the bunch, he's just a blue cartoon ghost with a cute little hat on. Don't get me wrong, I still love the little guy! But he isn't as fantastic as the other of the Big Three.




Finally, we have Frankenberry, the strawberry Frankenstein! Some might argue that the mascot isn't Frankenberry himself, but rather Frankenberry's monster. But I disagree! Dr. Frankenberry put his very heart and soul into this monster, doing everything he could to create life from death. To rob the monster of the Frankenberry family name would be to rob him of his past, his father, and his very reason for being. This seems needlessly cruel if you ask me.

Design wise, Frankenberry is a pink steampunk (steampink?) monster with strawberry nail polish. Also he is the best monster in human history. Take notes, everyone else. Flavor wise, this is my least favorite! The strawberry flavor is very mild and notably artificial. It's not bad by any stretch, but it is always the last one I grab for if I'm craving some monster cereal. Luckily the top tier design balances out the less flavorful cereal, making this cereal more than worthy of a spot on your shelf.


Bonus cereal! Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, and Froot Loops with skeleton marshmallows


These exist. They are fine. The marshmallow addition works best with the Apple Jacks in my opinion, but is entirely unnecessary in all three cereals. I love the spooky skeleton design! But unless you're a mega fan of these cereals and want to try a cool variation, these are probably skipable this season.


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