Hale and I agree almost all the time, which means that when we disagree, it shakes me to my very core. Here is a playlist of bops that Hale doesn’t like. It’s hard to be wrong, but sometimes you just have to live with it. 


Sometimes Hale dismisses my opinions by saying “Yeah but you like MILF $” This is not an effective way to shut me up because MILF $ is a JAM. You can’t deny any song that begins with “Heard you in the mood for a little MILFshake / Welcome to the dairy dutchess love factory.” PLUS Kim Kardashian dumps milk on herself in the video. I'm increasingly lactose intolerant but I will listen to this song all goddamn day. 

Look What You Made Me Do

Hale thinks this song is bad and U KNO I THINK IT’S GOOD AS HELL


Haleigh said the lyrics of this song remind her of Rachel Bilson’s poem from The O.C. I think she said something like, “Really Megan, you’re defending ‘I make a wish to swim away with a fish?” This did not stop me from listening to Malibu roughly 1,897 times in the summer of 2017.

Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl 2012 Performance 

Once Hale came to spend the night at my apartment and I put on this landmark Super Bowl performance and she said things like “Please turn this off” and “This isn’t funny to me.” We watched the entire thing. Nearly 13 excruciating minutes of the Black Eyed Peas yelling and stomping incoherently. Then we looked out the window and a double rainbow had formed over Chicago. Coincidence?

Every 1D solo song

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