EDIT: Lena Dunham on the Feminine Power of Wearing Pants

Everyone's favorite (?) Girls girl wrote a thinkpiece about wearing pants is a feminist statement. Wait. Is that what this is about? Fuck, I don't know. The thing about LD is that she writes really nicely, and I think you can pass it off as very New Yorkian prose. But it also feels like when I write something and I love it, and then Megan sees it, and she's like, "Wow, this really needs some edits."

So, that got me thinking: Does Lena Dunham have a Megan Kirby to keep her on track? Does she pitch things to her writer friends? Do they go on writers' retreats or get some coffee and talk about structure? How much is Lena paid to freelance for Glamour magazine, and do the editors there share her on a Google doc? Does anyone edit Lena Dunham? 

Well, now I do.

Hale GoetzComment