Behind the Music: @onionringworldwide

News dropped this week that pop star prodigy Lorde may or may not be the mastermind behind an onion ring rating Instagram, @onionringsworldwide. When we took a closer look at her debut album, Pure Heroine, we noticed some lyrical patterns. Has the New Zealand songstress literally built her identity around circles of onion that have been battered and fried? Sure, the clues are subtle, but by the end you’ll see the truth about Ella Yelich O[nion]’Connor: Girl. Loves. Onion rings. Expect to see more of this layered wordplay in her upcoming album, Melodrama, which drops tomorrow. 

Tennis Court
Because I'm doing this for the thrill of it, killin' it / Never not chasing the onion rings I want

And I've never felt more alone / The onion rings are getting cold

400 Lux
We're never done with onion fries / Can I fry them with you / 'Til the grease runs red and blue

I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh / I cut my teeth on onion rings in the movies

Wait 'til you're announced / We've not yet lost all our sauces

Buzzcut Season
Shut my eyes to the song that plays / Onion rings have a hot, sweet taste

And, of course, the opening lines from her newest single:

Green Light
I do my makeup in somebody else's car / We order onion rings at the same bars

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