An Update from the River Bank


It’s been a strange couple months, or maybe it’s been a strange year, or maybe it’s been a strange 28 years. Anyway, the things I usually do (watch reality tv, scroll my phone, watch reality tv while scrolling my phone) are not the things I do right now. Now, I go to the river. I sit on a big concrete block. I stare at things.

Here is what is happening at the river.

1. Geese, mostly babies

The baby geese are growing every day! They have to paddle so hard to keep up with their parents, who don’t seem to care! They were very cute and fluffy yesterday but today they might be totally different.

2. Dogs

Every dog I see, I go “hey buddy.” I say it like this: “heeeEEEEY BUUUUddy.” That way, the dogs know I am their buddy.

3. Plants

All sorts! Green plants and flowers, too. I don’t know the names. Sometimes I sit by the river and I think, what if I was the kind of person who knew the names of flowers and trees?


4. Teens

All the teens are smoking joints by the river. They are sleepy in the sunshine and laughing and not hurting anyone, just watching a Cheetos bag float by.

5. Graffiti

The best graffiti is on the bridge. It says “OK... SURE... OK. SURE..... OKEY DOKEY” in big block letters that are reflected upside down in the river.

6. Black bird

I don’t know much about the black bird except he flies by every day. He looks like a paper cutout.

7. Me

I am staring at the water or staring at the trees or staring at the black bird or staring at the Cheetos bag. I am doing okey dokey, thank you for asking.

Megan KirbyComment