An HP Fancast Using Today's Hottest Stars

The Harry Potter cast is good, but what if it was better? If we were doing it all over again, what actors and actresses best represent the iconic characters who are there for each other when their spells are jokes, wands broke, they just joined the DA? 

Harry Potter


'Ello, if it isn't the boy wizard 'imself!!!! 

Ron Weasley

Dye those locks red and do a double take: It's the youngest son of the Weasley clan!

Hermione Granger


Frizzy hair? Check! Nose in a book? Sure, maybe in a different picture! The brightest witch of her age! 

Luna Lovegood


Watch out for the Nargles!!!!!

Nearly Headless Nick

Be nice and he'll invite you to his Death Day party. 

Draco Malfoy

Maybe he and Harry will kiss. 

The Fat Lady Who Guards Gryffindor Tower

Gryffindor Tower.png

What's the fuckin password! 




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