C'mon BBY Let's Do the TWST

Around 1 p.m. last Friday, our office manager announced there was FREE SODA IN THE BREAK ROOM. As a purveyor of all things free, I scrambled madly past the copy machine to get myself a cold can of bubbly. (We don’t get a lot of free things here.) I reached for a green-and-yellow can, expecting the familiar title of Sierra Mist, evocative of a crisp, carbonated mountain stream. Imagine my dismay when I read the new label, designed to look like an edgy teen’s shitty street art: MIST TWST. 

What is this? Why is there a vowel in MIST, but not in TWST? Why would you take a perfectly fine, familiar brand name and replace it with something that is not even a  word? Why would your new brand sound like a lazy text message, or a tweet trying to get around the 140-character limit? 

Not to mention the face that Mountain Dew rebranded as MTN Dew in 2009. Does MIST TWST feel embarassed to mimic a superior lemon-lime soda over 7 years later?

I’m sure they did their research. So in honor of Mist TWST, I brainstormed some new #soda #names to appeal to the youth market. 

  • SPRT
  • CC CL
  • DT CK
  • PPS
  • MR PBB
  • FYG
  • DR PPR
  • 7 P
  • GROOT BEER (Marvel Tie-in) 
  • SQRT
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