George Michael is Dead; Long Live George Michael

Illustration by the inimitable Bianca Xunise. Follow her  Twitter , visit her  website , or shop at her  Etsy .

Illustration by the inimitable Bianca Xunise. Follow her Twitter, visit her website, or shop at her Etsy.

When we started 12 Days of Last Christmas as a goof back in mid-December, we obviously didn't think our muse would die on the final day. George Michael's death yesterday has a lot of people feeling surreal. How many of us were jamming incessantly to the catchiest pop Christmas hit of the 20th century when we got the news of his passing? 

Beyond "Last Christmas," George Michael gifted some of the best jams of the 80s and 90s. The first coy line from "Faith." The iconic saxophone riff from "Careless Whisper." The truly wild ride that is the "I Want Your Sex" music video. He helped to change the ways we think about masculinity and sexuality. He was incredibly generous. He will be very missed. 

We had a lot of fun writing 12 Days of Last Christmas, and now in retrospect, it's cool that we could pull so much inspiration from a single Wham! song. 

Thanks for songs we'll never forget, George. 

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