What I Did December 25, 2015


Remembered by Mark Heffernan, as told to Megan Kirby.

Last Christmas, I have no memory of what I did during the day. Should I look at my phone? I imagine there are pictures. Christmas 2015… Last Christmas. Here’s Christmas Eve. These are just pictures out my apartment window of the moon. 

Christmas day my parents came in from the suburbs. They must have picked me up. They came over and we had a few drinks, and then we got in the car and we went to Chinatown. Jews love Chinese food on Christmas. We went to a place my mom always goes to. I don’t know the name, but there’s a big staircase when you walk in. You walk directly up.

There was a long line. I do remember waiting a lot. I went to the bathroom and looked around, and then I found my dad and said, “Where’s mom? What’s going on?” And he said, “She found a friend.” 

I said, “Okay.” I was like, “Sure.” My mom came back and said she had run into her friend from elementary school. I don’t know how they recognized each other. I think they were talking in line about where they were from and they figured out they went to school together. They traded Facebooks. I guess that was exciting and fun. The woman seemed fine and nice. 

We eventually got seated. I think we cut a lot of people in line somehow. We sat down and ate, and I remember the meal being really good. I definitely had leftovers. Then we went back to the car, and we had a parking ticket! But it wasn’t a parking ticket. It was an expired registration sticker, because the State of Illinois was broke—still is—and they stopped sending reminders so my dad had not renewed it. And they got us. That was rough. 

They took me home. Then I went to your place with Lindy. Your brother was there, too. I don’t remember what we did. That was my last Christmas.