Rip Me Off, Baby

Hey, you doof! Do you know what day it is? You would if you had a page-a-day calendar.

Office jobs are the pits! Even if you like your job and vibe with your coworkers and find your work to be, in general, pretty rewarding (u lucky dog), you’re still going to wake up some (most) weekdays and think I WOULD RATHER BE STRUCK DOWN BY A BOLT OF LIGHTNING THAN GO TO MY DESK JOB.

You know what makes it better?

A page-a-day calendar.

Here are all the joys a page-a-day can bring you:

  1. A solid grasp on the movement of time.
  2. A smile-a-day.
  3. An easy way to show your personality. For example, if you’re cultured and you know it (and you want other people to know it) you can have a diff Monet for every day. If you’re insufferable, you can have inspirational quotes. If you HAAAAAAATE MONDAYS and LOOOOOOOVE LASAGNA, why not Garfield!
  4. On Mondays you get to rip off two pages because the weekend is a bonus. It’s an extra little treat! ;)  
  5. You can keep your favorite pages and leaf through them whenever you feel like your soul is evaporating from your body under the glare of fluorescent lights. “Oh,” you can whisper to yourself as you remember the funny thing Lucy said on July 7.
Megan KirbyComment