Can I Ask Some Questions About Pokémon?

Pokémon Sun and Moon comes out today, which means I will spend the weekend in a li'l hellscape while my husband and our friends play it and I try to get some serious work done on my fanfic. I have never played a game more boring than Pokémon, except maybe Cat's Cradle, which is a game played by pioneers with a long piece of string. 

But if I'm going to admit my dislike of Pokémon, I do so from a place of ignorance: I like the world, but I have questions about it that remain unanswered. People think I am joking when I ask them, and I want to be clear: I am not joking! I just want to know!

So, I must ask:

How do Pokémon relate to the larger world? Like, are they seen as animals, or is there some role that they fill that is not met by our comparisons because we have no being to liken them to? 

That said, does the world of Pokémon carry the same flora and fauna, or are Pokémon replacements for our earthly creatures? If they replace regular animals, do people eat Pokémon?

How is there still discovery of new Pokémon from game to game in well-developed areas? Are new Pokémon appearing, or are they hidden from humans and choose to make themselves known?

In the cartoon, there are a few Pokémon who can talk. Is this canon in the video games, or do they operate with different rules?

If a Pokémon can talk, does that mean that all Pokémon are just as smart but just can't speak human languages? Or are the talking Pokémon super intelligent?

There is a Squirtle that is famous for wearing spikey glasses and folding his arms to seem cool. If he understands the concept of sunglasses = coolness, does that mean he is at least as intelligent as a child? Why, then, can he not talk? 

Are legendary Pokémon, like, gods? How long have they been around in relation to humans? Did they create humans?

Mr. Mime is one of the humanoid Pokémon (and also my FAVORITE!). But mimes didn't really exist until the early 1900s. Was Mr. Mime created in the mime's image, or did he change his image to look like a mime? Being that he says his name "Mr. Mime," I would think that the resemblance isn't a coincidence, but something intentional. What is it about mimes that the Pokémon gods (or whatever) found so enchanting that they created a being in their image?

Many children leave home when they are very young. Are younger people more likely to bond with Pokémon? Is there a government program that allows them to travel and provides funds for living? 

Are all gym leaders older? How do gym leaders make money? Do adults fight against them, too? Does it cost money to enter?

It always seems like the amount of Pokémon in the games is a really high number. What's the ratio between Pokémon and humans?

Why does everyone care so much about Pikachu? I mean this both in the world of Pokémon and our world--why is Team Rocket so obsessed with getting him? And why is he so often at the center of marketing? Are the two related?

Why do Pokémon say their names in the human tongue? Do Pokémon speak their names in different languages depending on their region, or are their names the same no matter which region they're in?

The goal is to be "the very best," but why? What is the drive? What is the reward? 

Hale GoetzComment