It Is Better to Light a Candle Than to Curse the Darkness

Last night, I got a text from my good friend of more than a decade and SnapBack co-author Mark saying that Kim Kardashian had posted something new to social media. 

This was obviously big news for me, a woman with a Kimoji phone case who had been lowkey refreshing Kim’s insta all Halloweekend to see if she’d grace us with a Nori/Saint costume post. Kim’s been on social media blackout following her horrible, traumatic Paris robbery, and I wondered if she’d ever return. I missed her, selfishly maybe, and I sent out positive vibes that she was healing in the ways she needed to. And then—

And then—

She put a sponsored post shilling for LuMee phonecases on Facebook. 

No Twitter or Instagram post. No Snapchat. No announcement or fanfare or press release or interview. After almost a month of silence from one of the most public figures in the world, a Facebook post for LuMee phonecases. 

This didn’t seem quite right. Obviously someone else is managing Kim’s social media, but LuMee seemed like a strategically strange return. I wondered if a scheduled post had accidentally deployed.

But this morning the post is still there: a photo of Kim expertly angling her face towards that flattering LuMee light. 

And the more I think about it, the more fitting it seems. This is who Kim is. She hustles. She markets. She takes selfies. Maybe returning to social media in the middle of the night by just the glow of a LuMee case wasn’t weird after all. Maybe it was just right. 

Welcome back, Kim. Whatever you post, I am ready to click like. 

EDITED TO ADD: The posts have been removed from Facebook, which validates my initial suspicion that some scheduled posts snuck through. I stand by everything I said. Miss u Kim. Please read my blog.  

Megan KirbyComment